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company news about Please kindly note that the duct tape can't resist fire

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China Dongguan Haixiang Adhesive Products Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Please kindly note that the duct tape can't resist fire
Latest company news about Please kindly note that the duct tape can't resist fire

  In addition to being used in carpet laying, there are many people who use cloth tape to wrap wire bundles because it is very strong. It is precisely because of the wrong understanding of the characteristics of cloth tape that many people think that cloth duct tape has flame retardant properties. That's what's so dangerous! The following editor solemnly explain to you that the duct tape in the end does not have fire retardant performance.

Properties of duct tape
  Cloth duct tape is a kind of high viscosity tape used in room temperature, made of easy to tear cloth as substrate one-sided or double-sided coating, the common types of coating are hot-melt adhesive and rubber, hot-melt adhesive can only be used at room temperature, not resistant to high temperature; Rubber cloth tape has certain temperature resistance, but it is only limited to temperature resistance below 100 ℃. Compared with ignition point, rubber cloth tape has no fire and flame retardant properties at all.

  The reason why the fire retardant tape can be flame retardant is that the flame retardant adhesive is added to the coating glue. The fire retardant flame retardant tape is coated with flame retardant high performance pressure sensitive adhesive or thermal curing adhesive on one side, that is, burning with fire will only dissolve and do not produce open fire. But the cloth tape can imagine will burn after the fire, so the small partner who needs the fire prevention construction must consult the professional manufacturer in advance, looks for the right product, may not be careless.


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